European Boxing Confederation Министерство на младежта и спорта Българска федерация по бокс



Franco Falcinelli
President of European Boxing Confederation

Dear Boxing Friends,
First of all, let me congratulate President of the Bulgarian Boxing Federation, Mr. Krassimir Ininski and the LOC for the 8th edition of the Elite Men's European Union Championships. After the great success of the AIBA World Junior & Youth Championships last April in Sofia, the Bulgarian Boxing Federation has committed itself to another important European competition. This means that under the leadership of Mr. Ininski Bulgarian boxing is flourishing internationally. The European Union Boxing Championships is a significant opportunity for Elite Men boxers to test their capibility leading up to the pre-Olympic year. The number of participants is very interesting, both athletes and nations. Highlighting that we have increased the number of nations participating because our sport needs to reflect the ability to unify people and countries before political formal accords, I would therefore like to also extend my welcome the new countries that are now able to compete in this European Union competition. To the boxers, coaches, team leaders, R&Js, ITO, and other team officials I would like wish you the best success this week. A special thanks to the Supervisor Mr. Terry Smith that I am certain will guarantee that AIBA rules will be fully respected together with the correct development of the Championships. To conclude, all the best during your stay in this beautiful capital city of Sofia.


Mr. Krassimir ININSKI President of Bulgarian Boxing Federation

Mr. Krassimir ININSKI
President of Bulgarian Boxing Federation

Dear participants and guests,
It is my pleasure to welcome you at the 2014 EUBC European Union Boxing Championships, 7 – 17 August, Sofia, Bulgaria. On behalf of the Bulgarian Boxing Federation I would like to express our gratitude, as well as the honor we feel, at being trusted with hosting these championships. As an organization we hope to duplicate the successes of the past events we had hosted this year and magnify them, as we look into the future. Boxing is an integral part of Bulgarian sport, and as such we are excited to promote quality competition among the younger generations of international athletes. As for our competitors themselves, I would like to wish them success in the coming weeks. It is my personal hope that each and every one of the competitors performs to the upmost of their ability and achieves the standings they deserve. Remember though, that only a few will reach the top, and as such I would urge everyone to push themselves and to overcome their limits. Hundreds of you are here in Sofia to compete, all with bright opportunities yet to come. Compete, learn, and, whether you win or lose - grow; make use of this incredible opportunity to improve yourselves, in order to be better prepared for the trials in the future.